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Our results measured across all assignments with all clients speak volumes

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We believe you should have the best outcomes and the commercially underwritten confidence in getting them

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Our 2 YEAR guarantee provides that confidence and makes it clear that we back our ability to deliver for you

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We see our role as your genuine business partner sharing the risk and reward in securing those outcomes for you






        We provide services in Executive Search, Resourcing Solutions and Talent Management.         The challenge, enjoyment and insights that come with delivering on these assignments are what makes us tick and why we produce great results.

Executive Search

Leadership is a key factor in every organisation’s performance and we are highly aware of how positive and far reaching the impact of the right leader can be.

We usually operate on a confidential NDA bound basis for the reasons that can be either external or internal to your organisation. We design approaches appropriate to each assignment and then implement them, combining commercial focus with rigorous evaluation. We have proven experience of appointing at this level and through strong networks we access talent that is often unavailable to standard search firms.

Our unprecedented 2 year candidate guarantee demonstrates our confidence in our ability to deliver great results and also our conviction that we should share the financial risk and reward of getting it right.

Resourcing Solutions

Having the right people in middle to senior management roles means getting the heart and soul of your business right.

Our approach to resourcing for these roles recognises that today’s talented and high potential people are increasingly discerning about what they want from their careers. We apply intelligent thinking and a broad skillset to engage that talented audience. We articulate well the big picture and the detail about our clients and their opportunities. Our candidate dialogue is open, two-way and the evaluation rigorous on both sides. This underpins the performance that follows in retention, onward promotion and business results.

We can add value in co-designing selection processes, assessment centres and advise on a range of psychometric profiling tools.


We also provide our 2 year candidate guarantee on these assignments, demonstrating how strongly we believe that you should have the best results and the confidence in us to deliver these for you.

Talent Management

Post Appointment Coaching

We provide post appointment coaching because we know that directors and senior managers face a variety of challenges when taking up a role in a new organisation. These challenges can impact on how quickly they start to make a contribution and adversely affect performance. Many new senior appointments fail within 12-18 months.

There can be difficulties in understanding and adapting to culture, a lack of clarity in how the role they’ve taken up differs from how it was delivered before, if it’s a new role how it fits in, and how it changes the dynamic of the teams it is part of.

The first 100 days are often critical to the success of a new appointment and the use of coaching over this period and beyond can address these issues directly, supporting the new appointment to perform more effectively and successfully.

Our experience from working at senior levels gives us in-depth understanding of the broad performance responsibilities of senior appointments. Our coaches have had prior work experience in senior people management roles, and have proven expertise and qualifications in coaching, career management and recruitment.

Our post appointment coaching is structured, proactive and tailored to the individual and the organisation. It supports senior executives to maximise their impact and potential. It underpins successful business performance.

Team Development

We don’t just source team players; we help build winning teams. High performing teams are cohesive, have inbuilt trust, manage conflict well, are committed to a clear purpose, have strong accountability, and are focused on achieving great results as individuals and as a group.

Our Team Development solutions support you to build and lead teams that operate with these characteristics. These solutions include a combination of facilitated team sessions, online assessments and proven models and frameworks. We work imaginatively and engagingly to give your teams the tools to create greater cohesion and drive enhanced business results.

Succession Planning

Few events carry greater risk to business success than changes of leadership or in the leadership team. However, many organisations have imperfect processes for finding and preparing their next generation of leaders. We understand that mapping and enabling future leaders can be hard to do alone so we help organisations to clarify, design, and implement more effective succession strategies.

Leadership Pipeline Review © 

This process gives you a clearer understanding of the leadership pipeline at every level and reveals whether existing succession planning is or is not producing the leaders it needs. This process pinpoints development needs enabling you to develop your people to maximise organisational impact, the contribution of individuals, the effectiveness of your teams and the breadth of your leadership pipeline.

Director Designate Development © 

For high potential individuals in your organisation already identified as designates for senior team roles we provide solutions that combine coaching and developmental experiences to fill specific gaps in skills, knowledge and achievements. This co-designed process bespoke to each individual and organisation ensures that your designates are ready to take up the biggest roles in their careers to date, to make their optimum impact in their functional area and to your wider executive team. 


There are a number of things that set ASKE Consulting apart. Many of the recruiters in the industry generally come across as “salesy”, in many ways what you expect of recruitment consultants. ASKE and Andrew feel quite different; the breadth and depth of our interactions are like working with a fellow board director who has that perspective and knows the linked organisational layers. Most importantly, the results we’ve achieved through ASKE sourced people have been excellent.

Sales Director

Leading Car Rental Business

One of the few recruiters I have come across who takes time to really understand his clients' needs, and is able to make sensible suggestions and challenges accordingly. In my experience as both a client and a candidate I was impressed with both the industry understanding and commitment to secure a good outcome for all parties concerned.

Fleet Sales Director

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer

Able to consistently provide us with quality shortlisted candidates. This has maximised the value of our time investment - something which is especially important to us as we’re located in the Middle East. My preferred partner for UK sourced hires.


Automotive Division of Industrial Group

A first-rate service that is a world apart from the database trawl that you find with many recruiters.

Managing Director

National Automotive Group

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