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Understanding you is at the heart of how we work

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We know the automotive industry, but more importantly we understand the people in it

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If you’re adding to your team, we cover everything that matters in securing the right people for you

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If it’s for your own career move, we get to know you, your story so far and where you want that story to go next

Why Specialist Help Is So Important Now

Today’s talented people are increasingly discerning about their careers. At the same time they find themselves underwhelmed by traditional recruitment approaches and their quality time is at a premium. Finding them and then truly engaging with them is a very different challenge now.

Being of value to them and to the employers that need them, takes an approach that stands out. We combine discretion with articulate communication of our clients and their opportunities. It also hinges on insightful understanding of the all-round priorities of the people we know and source.

We are Automotive Leaders skilled in finding ....... Automotive Leaders!

Our perspective is shaped by personal experience from careers to board level in a wide range of automotive businesses. So we “get it” really quickly. We rapidly understand role requirements and the key differentiators in the right people who will fit in and deliver best results. This real-world experience also gives us great empathy in supporting candidates.

Performance REALLY Matters To You

Ultimately it's not finding and appointing the very best people that really matters to our employer clients. It's actually the performance they go on to deliver as well as the impact they make in their roles and the wider organisation. So we have a very strong interest in understanding the in-role impact of the people we source for our clients. We’re interested in long tenures, target achievement, award recognition and career progression.

And of course for our candidate customers, the opportunity to deliver great results and to progress is exactly what they are seeking from their next move.

Our Balance Makes A Big Difference 

Perhaps surprisingly, we work in a way that isn’t constantly dominated by securing new vacancy assignments and hurriedly shortlisting as quickly as possible. We’re somewhat more balanced.

Our understanding of the market is informed significantly by the conversations we're constantly having with the people in it. We invest time in doing that and in growing relationships over time. This also sharpens our understanding of the needs of the people in our network.

So, we think and operate for the long term as well as the needs of the here and now. That balance makes a big difference.

When The Right People Work Together .... Great Things Happen

Our first business strapline was “When the right people work together; great things happen” and getting positive feedback means the world to us.  We’re told that one of the reasons we stand out is that getting it right seems to matter more to us. This might partly be because we’re an employee owned business but it’s definitely about how we’re wired!


It’s a very special thing to make a call to a successful candidate with a job offer - hearing the delight in their voice; how much it means and it’s importance in their life’s journey. Or updating with clients to hear about people we've sourced exceeding expectations, being recognised with awards, or being promoted into bigger roles.

We never get tired of it ...... it genuinely moves us ........ It tells us when great things have happened!




Andrew’s career success has been characterised by innovative thinking and a commitment to delivering great client experiences. He has a broad skillset in sales leadership, general management and strategic change to board level with blue chip automotive businesses and in consulting. He has always believed that getting the people elements in business right is a fundamental part of strategic success and this passion is at the heart of ASKE Consulting.


Andrew leads ASKE in delivering high-quality search and selection complemented with solutions to enhance the performance of people and teams. He does this with creativity, un-traditional thinking and a determination to grow really special client and candidate relationships.



Emma has over 20 years experience of working in the automotive industry in Manufacturer, Dealer and Consulting roles. As Senior Account Manager for a global market analysis consultancy she developed products and services for clients across the automotive sector helping them to increase performance and customer service. She also has particular skills and experience in project management and training.

In her role here Emma heads up our Client Service and Research functions, liaises with our employer and candidate clients, and is also lead consultant on a number of key assignments. Emma delivers on all of this with rigour and attention to detail with her great mix of skills, personality and humour.

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James has extensive multi-brand experience in the UK and Europe across the complete automotive supply chain spanning OEM, Finance, Leasing, Support Services, Retailer and Digital sectors. He has a record of establishing and delivering ‘turn around’ in businesses and providing strategic leadership, energy, drive, and enthusiasm to teams. 

His expertise and insight enables him to provide helpful and enlightening advice and direction to the challenges faced, and opportunities within reach of, our clients in the rapidly changing omni-channel and multi-proposition world. His overall perspective and what this means in terms of requirements for people is uniquely informed and valuable.

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Jade is an experienced, reliable and highly effective Executive Assistant who works closely with Andrew and the team to ensure smooth running of our operations and great communication with our client and candidate customers.

She plays a key role  in managing the smooth delivery of our work. Jade has extensive skills, knowledge and experience developed from working within the media, education and care industries. 

Jade combines her many talents in in communication, organisation, event management, and project planning with her warm and engaging personality.

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We are delighted to have John in our Associate team. We've worked with John over many years both as a candidate and as a client and were struck from our very first meeting by the strength of his complex solution sales skills, the warmth of his personality and thereafter how adept he is in building valuable long term relationships iteratively and naturally.

John supports us in builds our candidate and client networks, articulating the unique and resourceful ways in which we provide excellence in talent acquisition when it’s never mattered more!

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Jacqueline helps to shape the work we do with people and teams at the most senior levels of our clients’ organisations.

She is a renowned change consultant and executive coach with two decade's experience working with executive teams. She has a PhD from the Adam Smith Business School; trained as a coach at the Tavistock Institute; and is also a Certified Systemic Team Coach. Jacqueline is also the Founding Director of Waldencroft, a specialist executive team effectiveness consultancy.

Jacqueline helps ASKE provide a seamless client offering from executive recruitment to executive high performance.

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