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Our clients work with us to source great people who can make a difference to their business and grow with them

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Sourcing people like this depends on the quality of our network and our relationships with those in it

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We hope we can build a relationship with you that is both valuable and long-term

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We’ll learn about you and hope we can share something with you that helps you be the best you can be

The Roles We Work On

Our client base spans the automotive industry and includes manufacturer NSCs, contract hire and leasing, finance and insurance, rental, motoring service organisations, remarketing, logistics & transportation, telematics, marketing agencies as well as other niche and emerging players.

We source heads of group; business MDs; functional directors; segment and channel heads, regional directors; their managers and their direct reports.  Our experience in terms of functional areas covers General Management, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Client Services, IT and Finance.

We work throughout the UK and internationally.

Executive Search And Advertised Vacancies

Our Executive Search assignments handle group, board and executive team positions on a confidential NDA bound basis. We shortlist for these assignments through a combination of our network of industry contacts, executives who have engaged confidentially with us, and by highly targeted head search activity.

Our resourcing solutions for middle to senior management roles are delivered by operating several parallel workstreams of candidate sourcing activity which can include online advertising channels.

How We Work With You

Whether a result of our approach, by referral, or because you have applied for a specific role, the foundation of our relationship with you is a sound understanding of your career priorities. Our starting point is always without reference to the role that’s influenced our approach or your application. We put that to one side and get to know you. The career moves that you could choose next are more numerous than the options you will want to pursue and so we map those with you. We also establish the range within which you need your remuneration package to be, other key considerations, and get that really intuitive sense of you.

From there we explore roles that are relevant and share the detail of the onward processes. We’ll also diarise future contact to stay in touch for future roles. Our overriding drive is not to compromise on roles that are right for you. We have numerous candidate relationships where we have spoken several times, sometimes over years before an opportunity and it’s timing is appropriate. That’s about not compromising and about getting it right for you.

Career Coaching

As specialists in search, selection and consulting within automotive, we understand how careers develop and evolve in the industry. We are able to support you along a career path that works for you, helping you to secure appropriate progression opportunities and on to further ideal roles.

One to One Coaching

Our one to one career coaching services provide the time and space to help you reassess your career, break though obstacles and limiting beliefs, and explore what possibilities are next. The process delivers definitive outputs:

  • A clear vision of the next phase of your career that is absolutely right for you

  • Through divergent then convergent thinking setting new direction and more options than you considered possible

  • Personal learning, increased self- awareness, inspiration and self-confidence

  • A proactive action plan for how to make the next phase of your career happen..

Structured Development Programmes

We can also work with you to produce specific personal development outcomes – like a workplace PDP but outside of the workplace. This works in a similar way to our Director Designate Development © solution for our employer clients, combining coaching and developmental experiences to fill specific gaps in skills, knowledge and achievements. This approach supports you to successfully take up the biggest roles in your career to date, making the maximum impact in your functional area and to the wider team you’ll be a key part of.

Writing Your CV

First reviews of CVs happen in as little as 10 seconds so it’s vital that yours has impact and communicates relevant points with clarity. We have developed a clear view on structure and format to do this; presenting your skills, knowledge and experience at their best and conveying what you can of the attitude and approach you bring with them.

Page 1:


Under your name provide contact number, email address, LinkedIn URL and location. Followed by

  • A short profile paragraph

  • Key achievement highlights - these should be relevant to the role of interest

  • Key competencies – again relevant to the role of interest

  • A summary list of the roles in your career to date in reverse chronological order, most recent role first

Page 2 (and 3 if required):

  • Your career by role in overview - for each role provide a concise bullet point summary of your responsibilities, achievements and any awards

  • Roles that go back some time need less detail and can be summarised by their date range, job title and company.

  • Professional Development and employer sponsored training

  • Education

  • Interests

We have a template for building your CV like this and you’re welcome to download it here.

Registering Or Updating Your CV

To register with us as a candidate or to update your profile, please upload your latest CV below. We look forward to hearing from you.

Upload CV
Update Your CV


My experience as a candidate working with Andrew and the team was excellent, the best I have come across in over 20 years in the industry - totally professional, exceptional communication and a genuine feeling of having built a personal relationship.  Undoubtedly ASKE will be my first port of call in the future either as a recruiter or when assessing the next move in my career.

Fleet Director

Market Leading Fleet Services Business

Having connected with several specialist recruitment companies the thing that made ASKE stand out for me is that they took the time to really understand what I was looking for. I was not just another name on their books which meant that any opportunities were ones of interest and meant that no time was wasted by either myself or prospective companies.

Strategic Business Manager

Leading Contract Hire and Leasing Organisation

Working with ASKE is very different to the typical search or recruiter experience. The extent to which roles and the companies they are with are explained and brought to life is at a different level. In addition, I felt both supported and helpfully challenged throughout the process. Lastly there have been some real moments of truth and little caring touches that mark ASKE out as a very different and quite special business to work with.

Account Director

Automotive Services Business

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